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Empower your Instagram account with BFS's instant views. Your divine right is ready! Buying Instagram views from us delivers real Instagram views in just a few clicks. No Instagram password, no account banned notification! We only want your Instagram username to bring you more engagement with organic views coming from real users.

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Get BFS's Spotlight off Real Instagram Video Views

Having a high number of real views on your Instagram posts can provide several benefits, including visibility increasing, credibility, engagement, brand awareness, influencing, and much more.

If you have a great number of real views via BFS on your posts, you can attract more attention from other users. This attraction impacts helping you reach a larger audience. So why not? It is one of the cheapest Instagram services worldwide we do. Come on! Let’s get started to enjoy it.

Moreover, when your posts have lots of views, it can help establish your credibility and authority in your niche or industry. WOW! It basically means, after BFS starts to applaud you as a King of Instagram Views, real new followers will applaud you more with real views.

What are the benefits of IG views for my Instagram account?

You know, high view counts are often more likely to generate engagement from other users, such as likes, comments, and shares. This goes beyond your imagination! Whether you have a small or big business, you will get better profit. You just need real IG views from BFS to start doing real business on Instagram with the help of BFS’s organic Instagram Views increase.

Therefore, we give you brand recognition and create a positive impression of your brand! You will become a more influential figure in your industry. BFS’s Buy Instagram Views service is ready to focus on your organic growth strategies and create high-quality, natural views that will provide engagement with your target audience.

Many Influencers purchased Instagram views from us and they have more popularity now. They even combine them with BFS's glamorous Buy Instagram Likes and Buy Instagram Followers as we offer only the highest quality at affordable prices safely. What are you waiting for? Our Instagram View Packages wink at your instant popularity on your best social media platform, too!

Do lots of Instagram Views mean High-Quality Views?

Not necessarily. The number of views on an Instagram post is just an indicator of its visibility and reach and does not necessarily reflect the quality of the views. Many views could come from bots, fake accounts, or inactive users. On the other hand, a smaller number of views could come from a highly engaged and targeted audience who are more likely to take action based on the content they see.

BFS prefers to give you lots of authentic views to create a gorgeous Instagram profile. Because we know that high-quality views are defined as those that come from real and engaged users, your Instagram views will be crowned by our real posts or video views. We guarantee that you will reach more views than you purchased as you will be on real people’s explore page.

In order to measure the quality of views on an Instagram post, BFS uses Instagram metrics in the highest way to provide a more accurate picture of the impact of a post. This results in the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing strategy! We're just providing Instagram services to bring you a well-known social media page!

Do I need to use safe Buy Instagram Views services for Instagram growth?

Buying fake views, likes, or followers on Instagram is against the platform's terms of service and can lead to your account being banned or penalized.

Instagram has systems in place to detect and remove fake views, likes, and followers. Please do not use such insecure services. They can harm the credibility and authenticity of your account. Instead of using these services, try BFS! We focus on building organic views within our community.

BFS's Buy Instagram Views services are coming from authentic users and they help you to grow your Instagram page with instant views who are interested in your content and more likely to engage with it. Your Instagram video views will get a bang out of our instant delivery of views fame!

How safe and fast can BFS go for views on Instagram Videos?

In all Instagram services, the quickness at which an Instagram likes service works can vary depending on the provider and the package you purchase. Some services claim to be able to deliver likes within minutes or hours of placing an order, while others may take several days or longer to derive the purchased order. As BFS, we cannot imagine how these companies are so slow while they are bots and fake users!

Nevermind. Let’s talk about positive and true things. Well, think when you see an interesting video on your main or explore page, what do you do? You focus on the video and watch till the end, right? Don’t worry. Since BFS Buy Instagram Views are real people on Instagram, they will do the same. So, we offer you organic views with instant delivery in the safest way.

You will not sit and wait to get IG views. Once you purchase, they will be the viewers of your Insta videos instantly!

How can't my page be flagged when I Buy Instagram Views from BFS?

Since you buy Instagram video views from real users, your page cannot get flagged and you never see your account banned notice. Your Instagram profile is always in good hands. Our experts are so professional about all social media platforms and they know how to grow Instagram accounts safely in the fastest way.

When you choose Buy Instagram Views, you can even combine this service with buying Instagram followers and likes to grow your social media without violating IG's terms. We feel your Instagram engagement is waiting for us!.

Do More Views provide More Followers?

Having a high number of views on your posts can help increase your reach and visibility, which may in turn lead to more followers. However, it's important to remember that these views need to be high-quality views, coming from real users. BFS always gives you real Instagram users!

More views on your Instagram posts do not necessarily guarantee more followers. However, it is possible. Let’s keep in mind that our packages also do not guarantee “more” for other services. That’s why we divide each service of ours. It is more beneficial to combine them for the best results. These strategies can help you build a strong and engaged following on Instagram over time.

In other words, while a high number of views can help increase your visibility and reach, it's not the surety of getting more followers. Let's say the combination of BFS’s real Instagram Views, followers, and likes can create a large platform!


Our Packages

Are you looking to increase your Instagram presence? Buying views can help you reach more people, boost engagement, and elevate your profile. Buying likes allows you to quickly build an audience, giving your posts more visibility and credibility.


Buy 100 Views

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  • %100 Real User
  • Safe & Easy
  • Drop Protection
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  • 24/7 Support
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Buy 1000 Views

$ 14

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Buy 10000 Views

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can find your answers to the questions about BuyFollowersService here. If you cannot find the same or similar question that you have on your mind, please do not hesitate to contact our free and live support team!

Is it secure to buy Instagram views?

As we only need your Instagram username to give you Instagram views, nothing can be insecure in this process. You can get relax and think about your best quality buy views journey.

What are the benefits of more Instagram views?

Having more views on your Instagram content can provide several benefits, such as increased visibility, brand awareness, increased engagement, higher credibility, higher conversion rates, and potential for viral content.

Can people understand the view count I buy?

While Instagram cannot detect it, nobody can understand. Also, there isn't any option to see who viewed the post. We only see the view count. You can buy Instagram views easily and secretly. Enjoy it.

Is it possible for Instagram to remove my video when I buy views?

If you buy views from fake or bot accounts, yes. However, it is not possible for Instagram to remove any video from your page when you buy real views from BFS. Don't worry, Instagram does not have a detection system for real views.

How long will it take to see more Instagram views after I purchase?

Your high-quality content deserves immediate delivery so that your Instagram account grows faster. Buying Instagram views from BFS gets you instant delivery for a faster coming on Instagram explore.

Will my new followers follow me because I buy Instagram video views?

Whether you purchase high-quality views or premium ones, it is possible to have new followers with them because people value high numbers of views before they follow a page. People can even look at your Instagram stories to decide to follow. If you do #tb to your videos, you're on the right way!

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